How to Choose the Best Pergola

From shading you against the sun’s rays on hot days, to controlling airflow and sheltering you from rain, an outdoor pergola is the perfect addition to your outdoor space when it comes to making your house a home. Not only does it give you more say in enjoying your outdoor space, it’s a valuable addition to your home that adds curb appeal with its modern and easy to use design. Whether it’s providing a space to socialise with friends and family, to relaxing outdoors after a busy week, the right pergola creates an oasis for you to enjoy for seasons to come. The only question is, how do we choose the right one? With so many different varieties on offer, it’s hard to know which pergola is the one that will suit your home the best. From freestanding, to wall mounted, to motorised, deciding on the right pergola comes down to a few different factors that you’ll want to consider before you buy.

Identify the Purpose

The first step is to understand what purpose your pergola will be serving your outdoor space. Is it solely for shade on your deck? Or is it going to be the standalone centrepiece to your outdoor entertainment space? Different purposes call for different pergolas, and here at Living Culture we offer a variety of different styles, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your home. Plus, all of our pergola frames are made of aluminium and coated with powder coating, making them durable and long lasting no matter what.

Consider the Climate

The climate of your location is a crucial factor in your decision. If you live in a sheltered neighborhood inland, any of our wall-mounted pergolas would be a fitting choice. However, for coastal locations exposed to high winds and sea conditions, you need a sturdy structure. Our Tasman collection, for example, can withstand winds of up to 169km/h, making it perfect for harsher climates.

Assess Your Outdoor Space

The dimensions of your outdoor space play a significant role in choosing the right pergola. At Living Culture, we offer pergolas in a range of sizes to cater to varied needs. You can select between wall-mounted or freestanding options, depending on your space and preference.

Choose the Accessories

The final step involves deciding on the accessories. We offer a wide range of options like shutter walls, blinds, glass doors, and privacy screens. These can be installed on your pergola to enhance the sense of security and intimacy in your backyard. From simple and slatted to intricately patterned, you'll be spoiled for choice when adding the finishing touch.

Choosing the right pergola doesn't have to be a daunting task. Our team at Living Culture is equipped to advise you on the best choice and can even assist with installation, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. With a pergola serving myriad purposes across all seasons, there's no better time to invest in your outdoor space. Choose a Living Culture pergola today and make your house a home.