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    FAQs - Mgo Fire Pits

    The Round MgO Fire Pit is constructed from Magnesium Oxide (MgO), a durable and weather-resistant material. It has a modern concrete look which is perfect for your garden. This material allows the fire pit to resist rust, UV, and frost, making it suitable for all seasons.

    No, the Round MgO Fire Pit is made from MgO, which is a lighter material compared to traditional metal material. This makes the fire pit easier to move around your garden. It even comes equipped with handle holes for ease of transportation.

    Yes, you can place food on grill rack above the firelogs for quick and tasty outdoor cooking, similar to a BBQ.

    An MgO Fire Pit is exceptionally durable and designed to withstand the elements. Thanks to its magnesium oxide construction, it provides resistance to rust, frost, and UV rays. Despite its strength, it’s also light and easy to move, and it has a stylish, authentic concrete-effect finish.

    The Mgo Fire Pit should only be placed on heat-resistant surfaces such as a concrete patio slab to avoid any potential heat damage.

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