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    Imagine roasting marshmallows with the kids or entertaining friends and family around the cozy fire. Youll love the warmth, smell, crackle and feel of a fire pit in your very own backyard.

    The rust patina of the Corten steel resists corrosion and does not require any treatment or weather-proofing. This makes the brazier low maintenance and perfect for use all year round. Additionally, Corten steel is made from recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

    FAQs - Brazier

    Corten steel is a type of weathering steel known for its durability and longevity. It forms a protective rust-like appearance when exposed to the weather, adding an aesthetic appeal to our braziers. This rust doesn't degrade the steel, making our braziers long-lasting and perfect for outdoor use.

    The Half Moon Cooking Grid is specifically designed for use with our 80cm fire pit. It's perfect for grilling your favourite BBQ dishes while enjoying the warmth of the fire.

    The Stainless steel fire pit stand is perfect for protecting your outdoor spaces. It raises the fire pit off the ground, improving air circulation and heat distribution, and also protects your patio or lawn from direct heat.

    These accessories are sold separately. We recommend considering them when purchasing your fire pit, as they really enhance the functionality and enjoyment of your outdoor heating solution.

    The Half Moon BBQ grill plate is designed to turn your 80cm fire pit into an outdoor BBQ. Just pop it on, let it heat up, and you're ready to grill your favourite dishes.

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