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    Bring warmth and style to your outdoor space with our collection of top-quality fire pit tables. Perfect for those breezy summer nights or chilly autumn evenings, our fire pit tables are designed to provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your outdoor gatherings.

    Featuring electric ignition with automatic safety shut-off, easy-to-adjust flames, and lava rocks for ambient heat, our fire pit tables are a safe, efficient, and convenient way to keep your friends and family cozy and entertained.

    Crafted from durable concrete cast, each fire pit table is built to last and withstand the elements. Our fire pits will be a stunning centerpiece to your outdoor space.  

    FAQs - Gas Fire Pits

    Owning a CSA-certified gas fire pit table ensures that you have a product that meets high safety and performance standards. The certification indicates that the fire pit table is qualified and safe to use outdoors, offering you peace of mind while you enjoy the warmth and ambiance. Moreover, the durable concrete cast and glassfibre reinforced concrete with a smooth surface ensure longevity and resistance to the elements, making it a worthwhile addition to your garden or patio.

    Our gas fire pit tables are designed with wind resistance, able to withstand winds of up to 16km/h without being extinguished. This means you can enjoy a steady and uninterrupted flame even on breezy evenings, ensuring your outdoor gatherings remain cosy and well-lit. This feature sets our tables apart from others and guarantees a reliable source of heat and light for your outdoor space.

    Absolutely! Our outdoor gas fire pit table is not just a source of warmth but also a stylish centrepiece for garden gatherings, regardless of the season. The smooth surface of glassfibre reinforced concrete adds a touch of elegance, while the durability of the material ensures it can withstand various weather conditions. Its ease of use and minimal assembly requirements make it a convenient and attractive addition to any outdoor event.

    Gas fire pit tables provide a clean and consistent heat output, which is often preferred for controlled warmth and ambience. While wood-burning pits can offer a higher heat output, gas fire pits are valued for their convenience and ease of use, without the smoke and ash associated with wood fires. The heat is ample for gathering around and enjoying the outdoors, making it a comfortable choice for those seeking a hassle-free alternative.

    When deciding on an outdoor heater, consider factors such as ease of use, safety, maintenance, and aesthetics. Gas fire pit tables offer quick ignition and no need for constant fuel addition, unlike wood-burning options. They are also cleaner, producing no smoke or embers, which is great for a smoke-free environment. The stylish design of our fire pit tables also adds to the overall look of your outdoor space, making it a functional and decorative piece. However, always ensure that the area is well-ventilated and that you follow safety guidelines specific to gas appliances.

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