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    Why do you need a dog run?

    A dog run is a safe and secure outdoor space for your pets to roam and play, providing them with the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy. It can be a convenient solution for giving your dogs the opportunity to go outside and play without constant supervision.

    Why Choose Us?

    Constructed with hot-dip galvanized frame with an extra layer of plastic coating, making our runs rust-resistant and tough. With rounded corners for extra safety, a sturdy hinge and lock system, and a fully fenced chain-link mesh, your pet's safety is our top priority.

    The mesh is designed to prevent any little paws from getting stuck, and the spacious interior suits pets of all sizes. Topping it all off is our water-resistant, UV-protected Oxford cloth cover - perfect for keeping your pet cool. Choose us for a durable, safe, and comfortable space for your pet.

    What is the warranty policy on dog runs?

    Living Culture  provides a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase on our dog runs.

    large outdoor dog run

    This spacious dog run kennel is perfect for larger breeds or households with multiple pets, offering plenty of room for your dogs to play and rest.

    FAQs - Dog Runs

    The cage is made of high-quality galvanised metal to minimize rust, with round-edged corners for safety. It features a heavy-duty hinge, a simple locking system, and medium-sized mesh to prevent pets from getting caught.

    Consider the size and activity level of your pet when choosing the right dimensions for your dog run. A larger space is generally better to ensure your dog can enjoy their time outside without feeling restricted.

    Yes, assembly is required for the galvanized dog runs, but they come with clear instructions and all necessary hardware for easy setup.

    We provide a 12-month warranty to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

    Our mesh cages provide ample space for walking and roaming, while the roof offers weather protection. The sturdy construction ensures safety and security for your pets.

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