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    FAQs - Freestanding Outdoor Shower

    The solar-heated Freestanding Outdoor Shower will need some time to heat the water, as it relies on solar energy. On a sunny day, the water inside the 40L tank typically heats up within a couple of hours. The duration can vary depending on the weather conditions and the starting temperature of the water. For the best experience, set up your shower in a location that gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

    The 40L capacity of our Freestanding Outdoor Shower can provide a good length of shower time, depending on your usage. A regular shower can use around 10 litres per minute, so you could theoretically have around 4 minutes of shower time. However, if you're conserving water or simply rinsing off, you could extend this significantly.

    Setting up the Freestanding Outdoor Shower is straightforward and doesn't require any complex tools or equipment. You simply need to secure the post on a flat surface for stability. The shower connects directly to your garden hose for water supply, meaning no wires or batteries are necessary. Follow the provided instructions, and you'll be ready to enjoy your outdoor shower in no time!

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