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    Step into the spotlight of outdoor elegance with our exquisite range of bell tents! 

    Embrace opulence, choose resilience, and let your camping experience redefine glamour. Elevate your outdoor adventures—browse, choose, and let your tent speak volumes about your style and love for the extraordinary!


    FAQs - Bell Tents

    Our canvas bell tent collection is designed with a unique on-trend bell shape that not only stands out in your summer photos but also provides ample space and comfort, making it perfect for glamping and a variety of outdoor activities. Constructed from durable 285gsm polyester cotton canvas with a waterproof rating of 3000mm, these tents ensure you stay dry and comfortable. Moreover, the ability to roll up the bottom to allow a breeze on warm days and the sturdy resistance to wind speeds of up to 35 km/hour, make our bell tents a top choice for those seeking a luxurious and practical outdoor escape.

    Whether you're planning a sunny weather party or need extra space for backyard guests, our collection of bell tents comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 3m to 7m. These different sizes allow you to select the perfect tent to match your needs, from a cosy setup for a couple's retreat to a spacious abode for family gatherings. The classic A-frame entry and centre pole design of each tent provide room to move around inside, extending your backyard entertaining possibilities and creating an eye-catching retreat.

    Absolutely, our bell tents are crafted to provide you with a comfortable and dry experience, regardless of the weather. Each tent boasts a waterproof rating of 3000mm, ensuring that you stay protected from the rain. Additionally, the high-quality canvas material helps to prevent mould, ensuring your tent remains fresh and inviting. With the capability to withstand wind speeds of up to 35 km/hour, our bell tents are more than capable of handling typical British weather, making them a reliable choice for your glamping adventures.

    Our glamping bell tents are constructed with longevity in mind, using premium 285gsm polyester cotton canvas that is both sturdy and waterproof. While the life expectancy of a bell tent can vary depending on usage and maintenance, our tents are designed to provide you with many seasons of enjoyment. By following proper care instructions, such as ensuring the tent is dry before storage and keeping it clean, you can significantly extend the life of your bell tent, making it a worthwhile investment for outdoor enthusiasts.

    Our bell tents are priced between $799 and $1499, reflecting their quality, durability, and the luxurious glamping experience they provide. The versatility of these tents, coupled with their elegant design and practical features like the roll-up bottom for ventilation, justify the investment. They offer a significant upgrade from traditional camping equipment, combining the ruggedness required for outdoor use with the comfort and style of a boutique outdoor hotel. This blend of functionality and luxury makes our bell tents not just a purchase but an investment in countless memorable outdoor experiences.

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