Discover the Unique Benefits of Louvre Roofs

Have you ever found yourself outside lighting the Barbie to get some sausages sizzling right as a big storm rolls through to ruin your day? Have you ever popped outside for a quick drink and some sunshine, but the sunlight is hitting your eyes at just the right angle to ruin it?

These problems and many others can be sorted out by the power of a louvre roof. What can a louvre roof do for you? We’re glad you asked!

What Exactly is a Louvre Roof?

A louvre roof uses movable slats instead of a set ceiling. They can be either manual or motor-controlled. Think of it like tons of little windows on your roof instead of your walls.

Top 5 Benefits Off the Top of Our Heads

Protection from Harsh Weather

If you do find yourself with a storm coming in on BBQ day, you can completely close off your louvre roof to protect you and your mates. Louvre roofs are designed to drain rain as well as any standard roofing system. The key difference is that you can adjust the angle of the slats to also protect you from strong winds and the sun. Obviously, a normal roof will do this too, but you don’t have to completely cut yourself off from the advantages of nature this way.

Full Control of Light and Ventilation

The angle of your louvre roof slats can typically be adjusted between 80 and 110 degrees, allowing you to easily moderate the amount and angle of sunlight and wind currents experienced under your roof. This benefit allows you to take advantage of natural breezes and sunlight, but to whatever moderation you prefer.

Unlimited Aesthetic Potential

Louvre roofs come in a variety of colours and styles. You should easily be able to find one that fits the aesthetic of your outdoor area without needing to worry about changing things up to match it. Since the louvre roof is so popular these days, thousands of modern and classic designs exist to choose from, including budget-friendly but functional options and higher-end options that just look spectacular.

Cuts Your Energy Bill Some Slack

With a louvre roof installed, you wouldn’t need to worry about adding lights, fans, or heaters as you would with a regular patio roof. Whatever time you spend outside under your naturally-lit, breezy roof is the same amount of time you spend not using lighting and cooling systems indoors.


A good-quality louvre roof is designed to be self-cleaning and resistant to dust and debris buildup. Needing just the occasional clean-up every six months to a year will certainly provide you with ample extra time to enjoy your roof rather than clean it!

Convinced Yet?

We’ve just touched on some of the main benefits provided by a louvre roof. We could go on and on, but you get the general idea, right? It’s convenient, aesthetically pleasing, cost-efficient, and, most importantly, a party-saver!

What’s not to love?

Check out some louvred roofs, among other products, at Living Culture today. Make the most of your outdoor space!